Texas Helmet To Hardhats

Texas Helmets to Hardhats - Registration

How Does The Program Work?

Helmets to Hardhats gives careers to our service men and women who are seeking employment in the Construction Industry. It is the first time in history any Industry has come together as a whole to support the members of our Armed Forces. Helmets to Hardhats enables transitioning active duty members, reservists and national guardsmen and women to obtain premium construction careers throughout the State of Texas.

What Do I Do First?

The first thing to do is to register through the National Helmets to Hardhats website. Click on this link to register today: www.helmetstohardhats.org

Candidates should complete the registration process in its entirety...including the resume. After entering all relevant information, click the “Show Resume” button at the bottom of the screen. Make sure you print up your registration page showing your candidate ID number. You will need to present this page to the Apprentice Director or Employer as proof of registration with the Helmets to Hardhats Program.

Searching For a Career?

Now you’re ready to search for careers in your area. As you search, you will find that some opportunities will require that you come in on certain days of the month to fill out an application. Some trades will post an annual or semi-annual recruitment for H2H candidates. Some trades will ask you to apply online. Follow the instructions on the posting. If you are interested in a career with a trade that is not currently recruiting, please contact our office or one of the local unions on our local union on the affiliate’s page.