About Us

About Us


Since 1941, the Texas State Building & Construction Trades Council has provided support and information to its affiliated members relating to prevailing wages, legislative issues, trade licensing, and the enforcement of current laws affecting the construction industry and current events that affects the Organized Trades in our State.

We strive to strengthen the Organized Construction Industry in the State by:
  • Lobbying and educating elected officials and the public on issues related to prevailing wages, apprenticeship, health insurance, pensions, workers compensation, and health and safety for all workers in Texas.
  • Promoting workers to join unions through organizing to enjoy the benefits of union representation through Collective Bargaining.


The Texas State Building & Construction Trades Council is made up of more than 50 local unions from 15 International Building Trades Unions.  To find out more about each local union affiliate as well as our State Associations and our local Building Trades Councils, visit the Affiliates page.

Our local unions come from the following Internationals: